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Haines, Aftershock and Vince Flynn

March 25, 2010 1 comment

What do Aftershock, by Weidemer, et al., Term Limits, by Vince Flynn, and Haines AK have in common?  Just tags with a temporal link.  This is not deep.  Random reading I took to Haines for heliskiing (That’s deep!).

Notice the gun pointed at my head!

So, we are hanging around Haines today, as we did yesterday.  Some of the guests took that gun and others up to a range to do some shooting yesterday, but Emily and I missed the fun due to a laundromat run.  Today, after a 28 inch storm (That’s right–at sea level!), the outlook is for more snow, mixed with rain at sea level.  We are going to stay here until Friday, at least, even though I’ve hit my 90K vert limit and Emily is already at 109K.  There’s no point in going home early, since Delta will charge us $750 to change our tickets and we’d rather hang here than in Juneau or Seattle.

This morning (Wednesday), there is still a low ceiling at 9am, but it’s due to lift later and we may get some tree skiing in.  Not like it was over the weekend, when there was plenty of blue sky, as can be seen from the photos posted below.  There are so many good ones, it’s hard to choose, not to mention the video, which I’m still sorting through.

This one is typical of the soft, consistent and cold stuff we found all the way down.  We got here from a face above and just farmed it on down to the spines underneath.  Notice the spray is big enough to cast its own shadow. Also, notice the blue sky, which we had all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday.  I was skiing Czars at this point, since my Folsoms went to their grave, but more on that later.

It’s hard to feel the aftershock up here, but it will likely impact many who come to AK or aspire to.  It’s possible that when the dollar bubble pops, those who might otherwise go to Canada for their powder fix will look to a dollar friendly alternative, but the cost of fuel will likely make it too expensive for most folks, even those who can afford it.  Enough!

So, what follows are two more.  The first is what might be found higher up and the second is the spiney stuff below, although there are spines up high, too.

That’s it for now!

Observe tiny skier for scale